**Builds created and priced on May 17th 2018**

Computer builds have such a broad price range that I will break it down into 3 generic categories. High end will not be listed as it, by definition, is relative at best and prices range into the multiple thousands of dollars. The builds listed below are generic with no thought for brand/colour/looks/etc, and only there to give a you a ball park starting price.

All builds will be tailored just the way you want it, whether that be for aesthetics, performance, price, or all of the above. Inquire via text, email, or phone for build estimates.


The purpose of a gaming machine is to provide you with adequate graphical performance to play the latest games. This typically involves spending a large portion of your budget on a graphics card and possibly a larger power supply. Don’t let the term “Gaming” fool you though, any computer is a gaming computer, and it really just means having a powerful graphics card instead of the highly inferior built-in graphics unit.

$1740 (Price includes estimated Build Fee, Shipping, Taxes, Duties)

2.9-4.1GHz i5-9400F 6-Core
16GB (2×8) DDR4-3000 Memory
GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB
1TB Hard Drive
550W Corsair Power Supply
BitFenix Black ATX Case w/Window
24″ LCD Monitor


This is where most users will tend to fall, this is the do it all machine. With a mainstream build you will likely be getting an Intel Core series CPU, or AMD Ryzen APU, which will provide fairly strong integrated graphics so you can still dabble in light gaming on low-med settings. You will be opting for luxuries like an SSD for a very snappy overall system, or perhaps a generous amount of RAM or storage.

$960 (Price includes estimated Build Fee, Shipping, Taxes, Duties)

3.5-3.7GHz Ryzen 3 2200G
8GB (2×4) DDR4-3000 Memory
1TB Hard Drive
500W Rosewill Power Supply
21.5″ LCD Monitor

Entry Level

Entry Level is for people that either don’t have a computer, or are replacing an older obsolete system. In this segment you’re getting all the basics to get up and running. No fancy bells or whistles, no excessive luxuries you may not need or want. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t need much, or just don’t want to spend that much on a computer then this is for you.

$790 (Price includes estimated Build Fee, Shipping, Taxes, Duties)

3.7GHz Dual-Core Intel Pentium Gold
4GB (1×4) DDR4 Memory
1TB Hard Drive
500W Rosewill Power Supply
18.5″ LCD Monitor

There are also used hardware options starting as low as $100-200 for the tower not including keyboard, monitor, mouse, warranty, etc. No warranties available for used hardware unless otherwise specified. High potential with low cost from these old enterprise systems.

**All new builds include monitor, keyboard, mouse, Windows 10, and a 1 year labour-only warranty including tech support for the eligible device (NSW). Linux is an option if you prefer, this would deduct $50 off the price for the Windows License Key. Linux, while incredibly powerful and relatively easy to use… is not always for everyone. Discuss with us further if this option might be right for you!

Payment Plans are available for a fee plus interest, along with a 20% up front payment. This will be on a case to case basis depending on how many outstanding payment plans are currently in repayment. Computer systems will be retained by Neilsoft.Net until payments are made in full. Inquire for further information about payments plans.

For anyone not in the know, computer hardware and peripherals greatly fluctuate over the weeks and months. These ranges stem from sale deals, natural disasters, supply and demand, etc. One week your system build may cost $1234, the next week $1159, and the next week $1302. The best example of a wild fluctuation is the “graphics card crisis” which is an insane price markup over MSRP due to peoples habits involving “currency mining”. Video cards that cost $249.99 1 year ago now cost $299.99… on sale.